Run Program

Warm Up 5 Minutes

Jog  20 Minutes

Cool Down  5 Minutes

Week 5 Run 3 | Couch to 5K Program

This was the run I have been dreading all along, running solidly for 20 minutes, no breaks and no stopping. Pete had been working from home this day and fancied joining me for the run.

I tried to get out in the morning but I felt unwell and had to go home, had terrible stomach cramps. They subsided as the day went on and after a client visit and finding out Sam had passed his driving test, Pete and I decided to give it a go before the sun went down at 4pm.

I started into the warm up with some trepidation but Pete and I were having a good chat about all sorts of things, just getting out and walking gets the brain all fired up. Then came the run, about 4 minutes in my back started to ache but I told my brain that I could run through it and so I did. Time didn’t seem to be passing too slowly. 

I got thrown a bit when Pete decided to focus on some people down at the river doing something.  I turned to see and lost my pace. I was also quite tired at this time, it was about 10 minutes in, so half way. I kept running though and regained my pace and composure.

People on the Facebook group keep saying to trust the program. Yes do trust the program if you are going to do it. In week one I couldn’t run for 30 seconds and at week one you don’t believe you can get to this point. So I say it again TRUST THE PROGRAM.

At this stage on the lake side I passed some other people I knew running, it was awesome to see so many people out and about.

The great thing about running just before sunset is that you are rewarded with a beautiful coloured sunset when the weather is right.


I’m going to nail this running and this 5k sucker once and for all – 12 more runs and I graduate the program.