Nikki King

Number of Years on the Couch:

erm can’t remeber

CrossFit Box:

CrossFit Manaia in Masterton, New Zealand




Hi, my name is Nikki King, I am 47 years old, weigh 127kgs, am asthmatic and until recently I was a confirmed body positive couch potato.

After spending numerous years on the couch, the crunch came when I couldn’t walk to the end of the drive without wheezing, I couldn’t tie my shoes, open jars and I had no energy. I was unfit.

I had started to think about changing my life for the better after meeting Teresa Dixon of Intrinsic Performance, she wanted me to do a BodyMOT and I was too scared to do it incase she found something terrible. I have terrible health anxiety.

After starting a small business course in Wairarapa, I met Allan and his partner Ngapera for a meeting about doing some media for the gym. They told me all about CrossFit Manaia and I was intrigued.

I laughed inside when they said anyone could do CrossFit and I secretly didn’t believe them. However I made the effort to go to the gym on the following Saturday morning and that is where it all started to happen.

My First Session

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Posted by CrossFit Manaia on Friday, July 13, 2018