Run Program

Warm Up 5 Minutes

Jog  28 Minutes

Cool Down  5 Minutes


Week 8 Run 2 | Couch to 5K Program

Okay so I got it into my head I needed to run today and I put it out there on Facebook. A few friends said run, coach said no have a rest day and a ROMWOD. Did I listen, no I did not.

Yesterday you will recall, I ran in the morning, then after the last log, I went to CrossFit where we did more running. A 600m warm up, 600m in shuttle runs and then running 1.6km x 3 for RX. I was scaled so I only did 2 but I did run all the way. So… yesterday I did quite a bit of running. 2.8km + 3.2km + 600m + 600m. 7.6km in total. So I guess coach Nga was just looking after my wellbeing.

By the time I got the message I was locked and loaded at the lake. There was no reason not to give it a go and I felt okay to do it, that was until I started. Once I got off the warm up I felt tired and this went on for the whole run. I was determined not to give up and I did the run without stopping, albeit at a slow pace. I felt pleased that I had not stopped and given into my tired legs.

It was a fairly warm afternoon, the run was hard and slow but I completed it, so I felt good afterwards, plus there was a big tick in the box for my 30 minutes of exercise.

Only 4 more runs until graduation. I’m going to treat myself to a medal (or a t-shirt) when I finish this.