Run Program

Warm Up 5 Minutes

Jog  28 Minutes

Cool Down  5 Minutes


Week 8 Run 1 | Couch to 5K Program

I had a rest day yesterday, my hip and back have been a bit sore since Sunday / last Thursday. I also had a client booked in at 9am yesterday and the weather turned bad. I did have good intentions of getting out there.

Today I didn’t feel like this run, I took a paracetamol and just decided to go and do it. This week on the lifestyle challenge its accumulation of 5kms of running.

Now I’m up to 28 minutes the run takes a bit of planning, the lake is about 3k if you take in all the loops, now I’m running longer and faster I’m going to take in some extra distance. I decided to go the other way around the lake and take in the awkward things first such as negotiating the car parks, small bridges and barbeque area in the warm up. Then if I make the full loop and I can go back around the lakeside the other way if I need to. 

I start the warm up. I’ve added some new tracks to my running list. I added Rivers of Blood, Ozymandias and Are We Having Fun by Yossarian.  All excellent tracks from a fantastic UK band. 

I start the run and I’m feeling my back and my left glutes, but I get into it again in the second half, there’s relatively few people here considering it’s the school holidays.

I’m also trying to keep my pace below 10m per KM as that’s where its been set since last Sunday. I really want to be able to get to 5K eventually, I don’t think I’m going to do it in this part of the program but I am going to keep going until I can get 5K in 50 minutes. That’s where I’d like to be I think.

These days I don’t thinks so much about dying during the run and sometimes I get quite lost in my thoughts, the meditative side of it is a real bonus. The days of uncoordinated arms and legs and steam engine breathing seem so far away.

I don’t really notice the extra 3 minutes today, although I am glad to stop running and take a breather on the cool down.