Run Program

Warm Up 5 Minutes

Jog 25 Minutes

Cool Down  5 Minutes


Week 7 Run 3 | Couch to 5K Program

Another 6 days since my last run. Must remember not to book in clients at 9am. I like to run then and it fits with the day better than 4pm. 

Anyway today is a special day as its 12 months to the day since I started my fitness journey. I didn’t feel a bit like running, so that was all the more reason why I needed to get out there. Mr K decided to join me tonight and we went out at 4pm to do a sunset run around the lake. 

The weather has been freezing and there was a fair wind this evening with a slight chilly bite to it. We discussed the cold and decided it wouldn’t be cold for long once we started running. I felt tired this evening and didn’t expect to pull in a good pace at all, in fact I was worried about keeping going.

I really wish Active would iron out the issues with Apple watch. I started the warm up and the watch and app decided not to sync so I went to the app half way through the warm up and it stopped.  I decided to just start the app again without a warm up where I usually start to run. I had done the warm up in my head but it wouldn’t be logged in the app grrrr.  

I started running and Mr K was beside me, this time he didn’t seem to put me off at all. There was hardly anyone at the lake to get in the way. There was a small dog who completely ignored Pete but decided I looked friendly – dammit. Why am I a dog magnet.

I only looked at my watch when I got to the lake side and I had 8 minutes left.  Bonus! I felt like I really picked up the pace in the second half of the run, although Pete’s app seemed to think we were fastest in the first half of the run. 

Towards the end I get a second wind where I can really give it some extra energy and I’m enjoying that. My running pace and stride, once I settle in, is bigger and more consistent. I feel like a runner these days, albeit a slow one.

When we hit the cool down Mr K looks at the pace and says, you run faster these days. I feel proud of that fact because this time last year I couldn’t even walk to the end of my drive without getting out of breath.

My pace tonight was sub 10 minutes per kilometre, that’s the best for a good while. I am feeling pumped and happy that I have kept up my fitness journey for a whole 12 months. 

Thank you CrossFit and thank you Allan and Nga, I couldn’t have done all of this without you and the amazing CrossFit Manaia community.