Run Program

Warm Up 5 Minutes

Jog 25 Minutes

Cool Down  5 Minutes


Week 7 Run 2 | Couch to 5K Program

It’s so easy to put off running sometimes, I haven’t ran since last Wednesday – 6 days ago.  

On Saturday I did my first ever full depth lunges at CrossFit in the Too Fit to Quit competition. My glutes and other muscles have been a bit sore since then, and also on Saturday I did a four hour round trip to Levin to do a gig. Sunday was a bit of a write off with post gig comedown and DOMS. 

I meant to run yesterday but was still feeling pretty tired, plus it was the wrong time of the menstrual cycle to run I felt just awful. 

Today I took a panadol and sucked it up, I knew if I didn’t go today it would be really bad to put it off again. I got into running and my left hip was a bit niggly and as always the first kilometre was a bit of a crappy time. 

I passed the lady with the blonde hair who runs at the same times as me early in the run, we said hi to each other. Today there were far too many small yapper type dogs on the path. I got ran at a number of times. I do wish people would keep their dogs under control. I nearly fell over one, one dog nipped my leg and another bounded at me at full speed. I love dogs but I’m clumsy and fall over things.

Well this stretch here by the river just is designed for me to lose pace. Today there were three ladies with small dogs having a conversation in the middle of the path. The dog didn’t move but the lady did. I had to do a quick change of direction to get past, which meant I lost my pace.

As I was going up the hill towards the lake side I recovered my pace to a great track: “Making plans for Nigel” by XTC – such a great running song. I’d promised myself I wouldn’t check my watch too often today and here was the first place I checked, I was halfway.

At 7 minutes to go I was feeling spent and thought that this run was going to be another slow paced one. I got to the top of the incline near the exercise equipment and took the descent slowly, enjoying a bit of a slower pace. In the final stages of the run I got a second wind and started to almost sprint. I had started running sooner than I usually do on the run and I was running further than I had done before. I was excited to check, as I suspected I must have beat my usual pace.

It was a lovely morning to run with a clear blue sky and the bonus was a faster run and a faster pace. I’m so glad I didn’t put it off this morning as it set me up for the rest of the day. Here’s to tomorrow’s run.