Week 2 Run 3 – Couch to 5K Program

I have been putting this run off for a week or so – well to be honest I was supposed to do this run the day after the Rocky Lookout adventure but I was far too sore and then I took a week off. I felt exhausted.

It was the right thing to do, my achilles tendinitis healed up and so did my sore shins.  We did running at the box on Saturday and I felt totally in control of my running, which up until now has been a random collection of legs and arms moving and random breathless moments. I felt great at the gym on Saturday and so it’s now time to get this sucker of a week finished. (I’ve also been stalling as I am a bit afraid of next week).

However last nights run was noticeably better, even Pete commented on it. I ran without giving up at the end, I ran consistently until I was told to walk, I walked with a brisker pace and I noticed that my breathing was under control. Recovery was great.  The walking phases felt long. I feel I am ready for next weeks challenge.