Run Program

Warm Up 5 Minutes

Jog  1 Minute 30 Seconds

Walk 1 Minute 30 Seconds

Jog:  3:00 Minutes

Walk: 3:00 Minutes

(do this for 2 rounds)

Cool Down  5 Minutes

Week 3 Run 1 | Couch to 5K Program

I have been apprehensive about starting this week as the run time doubles in two of the runs. My middle son decided to join us on the run and he strode off at a great pace (damn those youngsters). The first run was 90 seconds and was fairly easy followed by a short recovery walk. The three minute run was hard, my legs feel weak towards the last minute of the run, its not so much being out of breath but feeling like my legs won’t carry me that far. I managed to do it though. At the half way point a mosquito flies into my mouth and gets stuck, I think I’m going to choke. I have a mega coughing fit for some of the recovery walk, then onto the next 90 second run. I ran all of the runs and I made it.

I’m really hoping run 2 is easier though, this program seems to be a series of worrying about the next big jump up ha ha.