Run Program

Warm Up 5 Minutes

Jog  1:30 Minute

Walk 2:00 Minutes

(do this for 6 rounds)

Cool Down  5 Minutes

Week 2 Run 1

OMG okay, so starting the run is okay, I like the walking warm up, I’m sick of the mosquitos already. I ate one last time ew. As long as you keep moving they don’t eat you. Keep seeing people I know at the lake who say they are following my journey. Awesome thanks you guys if you are following me, now I have to finish.

This run is okay until I hit one minute then I start to flag, my ankles feel like they can’t go on any further when I get up to rep 4, I’m not sure if this is fitness or strength, I’m breathing heavy at the end of the runs and its taking me nearly one and a half minutes to recover. Not sure if I like the woman trainer on the app anymore, much more prefer the sergeant major, he’s more honest.

On the plus side, its great to run around Henley Lake, Pete and I are mixing it up as to which way we run and which circuits we take, Pete wanted to run by the exercise equipment, which had some inclines in it (bah). Nice though great finish to a hard run, a lovely sunset.