Run Program

Warm Up 5 Minutes

Jog 22 Minutes

Cool Down  5 Minutes


Week 6 Run 3 | Couch to 5K Program

It was a morning run, I’d been up to the lake with William before school and there was mist on the lake. William and I go there to feed the geese (and ducks) but mainly the geese. I’d decided on a morning run this day as I’d missed Monday (the weather was poo) and I needed to get a run in.  I was a bit apprehensive about doing a run as I had a CrossFit workout in the evening but Pete seemed pretty sure it would be okay to do two things in one day ha ha, so I believed him.

The warm up was okay, I didn’t bump into the group of old people with small dogs this morning, I powered off and got beyond where I usually start to run. On run I got myself going. I decided to cut off the big loop and go past the observation tower as I was short of time and didn’t want to walk too far to get to the car.

The first 10 minutes was all over the place, it felt very disorganised but I was enjoying the change of route, I hoped that I would be able to complete the whole run without going into the car park as it seemed I was getting further than I thought after cutting off the loop. 

I got into a great rhythm in the second ten minutes of the run and just kept going. There’s a lady runner I regularly see who I more than glance and smile at now, she was out running with a friend.  On the home straight after the loop with the exercise equipment, I come over the bridge and realise the school are running around the lake. I get lapped by a load of school children who make me feel very unfit.  My run finished just as I hit the boat shed car park, about 3 minutes from the car. I walk to the car on the cool down and have to walk past the car and then back to finish off the run.

It was a lovely run on a lovely crisp morning and I did also manage to do CrossFit in the evening which nearly wiped me out. 6 x 1200m sprints on the assault bike is not for the faint hearted.