The WOD started with a plate carry for a warm up, which I found pretty hard to keep the 10kg plate overhead in the air, didn’t come in too far behind so that was a bonus.

We spent some time warming up the shoulders and doing some dead hangs.  I still can’t take my weight onto my hands as it really hurts, so I’m on tip toes hanging from a bar (nice mental image there).

We did some wall squats to see how far from the wall we could do this, I managed to get fairly close to the wall, wouldn’t have managed this a few weeks ago. We then did some box childs pose, lizard and twisted lizard stretches and then tried it again to see if we had improved. This was a good exercise.

Our prep was 3 rounds of 10 air squats, 2 rope pulls and 5 x 5m shuttle runs. Air squats are now full air squats – fairly challenging to do 10 in a row still. I struggle to get to the floor and pull myself up with the rope pulls. My moment of I can’t was met with do it (ha ha) so I did and managed one full one, just. Shuttle runs were fairly good.

We did some Plyometrics, 5 x 5 broad jumps, not so graceful for me but managed this, good exercise for opening up the hips.

The workout was an 18 minute AMRAP of 200m run with 3 rounds of 4 goblet squats (I chose a light weight as I still find squats a bit challenging) and 1 rope pull.  I did four rounds of this and ran most of the way (my running is getting better).

Post WOD

Feeling a little stiff today, definitely have done a workout, may stiffen up a bit more.  I was planning for a run tonight and I think I could manage that – will let you know how I go.