50-40-30-20-10 Dumbell Thrusters

300m Waiters Walk

Sit Ups

Time Cap of 30 minutes

Coaches Allan and Nga were away with some of the others from the box at 2Toa in Rotarua. Coach Dave was taking the workout but we could tell that Allan had had something to do with this WOD. It looked fairly simple at the outset, but this was a tricky trickster of a workout.

You could select your own weight and I went light so that I could at least have some chance of completing it. It was a 50-40-30-20-10 rep of Dumbell Thrusters, followed then by an overhead waiters carry of the same weight dumbell. It was hard and fairly gruelling. Then it was back into the box for some sit ups. 

Lots of people picked a heavy weight and were really working hard, I finished at the 20 reps, but Sam carried on until he finished the WOD, he got it into his head that he had to finish and good on him but he then spent the weekend completely spent. It was a good job it was the weekend. 

How I Felt Post Workout

I was fairly tired, my arms were sore and my abs were sore from sit ups, I also felt it in my shoulders from the dumb bell thrusters.