It was a beautiful morning for a “stroll” up to Rocky Lookout. There was some wind but it wasn’t cold. In the first part of the walk it was flat and I stayed at the front of the group for that part, I wasn’t out of breath or feeling achy or tired.

Having never been to Rocky Lookout I didn’t know what to expect, from the turn off onto the not so gentle, “Gentle Annie Track” it was all uphill with not much respite.

Stairway after stairway relentlessly, Mandy, who was my first ever partner for a Saturday morning partner WOD, stayed with me the whole way up and I was “grateful” for her halfway up insights and for Allans “this is the last set of stairs” (then under his breath) for this part.

I made it to the top though, at one point I thought about giving up and not making it but I had Allan, Pete and Mandy keeping me accountable all the way up.

I was rewarded with an awesome view at the top, it was stunning, even if it was windy.

Then it was a walk back down to the car park and then off to Ten O’clock Cookie for one of the marvellous Paleo Big Breakfasts. Yum yum, worth all of the hard work.

Post Workout

I was very sore, I felt like I did at the very beginning of my CrossFit journey. My legs, glutes, ankles and achilles were all very sore. I was due to run on Sunday but I didn’t because I couldn’t move and on Monday I did some active recovery, I could only still walk though so no running. Hoping to pick up the run on Wednesday night.