My Second Year 2019/2020


Well, who would have thought I’d still be here after two years… but here I am.

There are no miracle diets, no miracle cures and no will power pills that will help you become a better, fitter, healthier person. It’s all down to hard work, commitment and determination.

In April 2019 I swallowed my pride and did my first ever CrossFit competition. It was an awesome experience that whetted my appetite for more.

One of the things that kept me returning to CrossFit was the community, and all through the journey of competition, visiting other boxes, meeting other athletes and joining Facebook groups, my heart has been warmed by the generosity of spirit and care shown by other athletes towards each other.


I stand here two years on, a different person, a stronger person and a more healthy person.


I have lost 55kg over the last 2 years. My first year was just a loss of 5kg but I laid the foundations for success in this year, I became more resilient, mentally stronger and I really started to appreciate my body for what it could do.

The value of the weight loss is not the number on the scale but of the gain of what that has brought to me in the way of health, fitness and mobility.

At the end of year 1, in July 2019 I was just coming to the end of learning how to train to run. I had decided I was going to run better and so I did Couch to 5k. This was the sport I was going to take away from CrossFit.


Running was my sanity pill through the Covid-19 lock down in New Zealand. Who would have thought I would have come back to the box fitter than I left it.  The reality was I only lost about 1kg over lockdown but my body composition changed to the physique of a runner. I am now wearing a size 10. When I started out two years ago, I struggled to find any active wear at nearing a size 26.

The big turning point for me, both mentally and emotionally, was the FRF competition in Lyall Bay. It was a mixed competition aimed at beginners which me and Mr K decided to enter. I was sure that we weren’t going to be last but guess what, we were. I let my ego get the better of me and I was devastated. My heart sank and I wondered if I was ever going to be any good at this stuff. I could hear all those negative things people said to me that gave me fitness anxiety in the first place. Flat feet, asthma, you are not an athlete Nikki, you are not built for this Nikki…

I did come back though. I came back with a realisation that I needed to work on somethings if I wanted to take it seriously.  I sat and wondered whether at 48 I was too old.  The great thing about CrossFit is there’s a division for everyone. Masters, yeah thats me, heading into the over 50’s in the next few years. I intend to take this as far as I can. Age is just a number.

This years progress? Box jumps to a small box, running 10K, burpees, and doing my first double unders? I did the full Murph WOD on Anzac Day too. Next year perhaps with a vest and perhaps pull-ups? Who knows…


Goals for 2020 / 2021

  • My first triathlon
  • Stringing my double-unders together
  • Pull-ups
  • Getting upside down in handstands (perhaps push ups too)
  • A half marathon (probably Round the Bays)
  • I’d like to do my Level 1 CrossFit Certificate too (I’d love to inspire other unfit people to move)
  • Gaining strength and building muscle now I’ve lost the fat.


So keep watching because this year is going to rock and don’t forget this. If you feel inspired, you can do this too.

Head down to your local box and have a chat with the coaches and do an introductory class. You never know… it might just change your life! It’s certainly changed mine.



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